Introducing FMB Brewing: Crafting Unforgettable Brews with a Local Twist

Welcome to the craft beer revolution, Florida style! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of FMB Brewing, a new, dynamic entry into the thriving craft beer landscape of the Sunshine State. We’re here to celebrate the uniquely offbeat and vibrant spirit of Florida, one pint at a time.

Our journey begins in the heart of Florida, with a mission to create exceptional beers that reflect our love for this remarkable state. We are committed to using locally-sourced ingredients, fostering sustainability, and, above all, brewing beers that are as distinctive and unforgettable as the people who drink them.

Introducing Our First Beer: Double Wide Trailer Double IPA

To kick off our launch, we’re proud to introduce our flagship beer: the Double Wide Trailer Double IPA. With a respectable 67 IBU (International Bitterness Units), this beer offers a well-balanced character that both IPA lovers (and non-IPA drinkers) will appreciate.

But, the Double Wide Trailer Double IPA is not just another IPA; it’s a celebration of local flavors. We’ve smoothed the robust bitterness with copious amounts of locally sourced honey, creating a unique harmony of flavors that’s pleasantly surprising and wholly Floridian.

Now On Tap!

With great excitement, we announce that our beers are now on tap at several beloved local establishments. First off, Bella Tuscany in Ocoee has welcomed us into their fine selection. Known for their authentic Italian cuisine and warm, welcoming atmosphere, Bella Tuscany is an ideal place to sample our brews while enjoying some of the best Italian food in Central Florida.

In the near future, we’re also set to join the roster at the upscale community of Windermere. So, if you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

We’re also thrilled to expand our presence to Front Row Bar and Grill in Ocoee, Pub Orlando, Broken Barrel Tavern in Brevard County, and Brookside Market in Naples. Each of these locations offers a unique ambiance and a love for quality craft beers, making them the perfect partners for our brewing journey. Make sure to check out our Locations page for an up to date listing of where you can enjoy our beers near you.

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