About Us

Welcome to FMB, where the spirit of Florida comes alive in every sip. Founded by a diverse team of beer enthusiasts who became close friends, our mission is to provide the flourishing Central Florida market with craft beers that are as unique, lively, and locally rooted as the legendary “Florida Man” himself.

From the beginning, FMB has been driven by a passion for innovation, conservation, and inclusiveness. We believe that these pillars create a paradise of beer enjoyment, making every FMB beer more than just a beverage, but an experience – a taste of the Sunshine State’s unmatched vibrancy and charm.

At FMB, we bring our commitment to quality and local sourcing to life by developing all our recipes in-house under the expertise of our master brewer, Eric Flowers, a lifelong resident of Florida, and someone uniquely able to bring the essence of the best of Florida to Tourists and locals alike.

Our dedication to conservation is reflected in our commitment to sustainable brewing practices, ensuring that our brewing process respects and preserves the natural beauty of our home state. Meanwhile, our belief in inclusiveness is mirrored in our broad array of craft beers, designed to cater to the palate of every beer lover, from the casual drinker to the craft beer connoisseur, removing pretention from the ability to enjoy the best Florida has to offer.

The unconventional beginnings of FMB have only added to the character of our beers and our brand. Our founding team, diverse in background yet unified in passion, found opportunity amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic, channeling the shared love for craft beer into creating something truly unique in the Central Florida market (and beyond).

While our journey has been and will continue to be long and arduous, we carry strong ambitions and an unwavering belief in the quality and potential of our craft beers. We understand that our growth will be a collective endeavor, involving not just our team, but also our loyal consumers. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and shared passion for craft beer are invaluable to us as we continue to innovate, expand, and strive to serve you better. As we venture forward, we look to you – the adventurous, the curious, and the unapologetically Floridian (including our valued visitors) – to join us in writing the next chapter of our story. Here’s to the journey ahead – may it be as bold, exciting, and fulfilling as the spirit of the Florida Man!

We look forward to your joining us in our journey, and let’s raise a glass to the spirit of the Florida Man – unpredictable, adventurous, and unapologetically ourselves. Cheers to good times with great beers!